Post-Tension Cable Shear

An SPX PowerTeam high-flow pump powers the device.


It performs cold shearing of 0.5″ strands within a recessed pocket.


The Cable Shear offers two additional nose options, accommodating various scenarios.


For those in South Florida, we provide a specially designed nose and blade to fulfill your rigorous standards.


This tool eliminates the need for hot work permits and allows for the cold shearing of post-tension tendons.


Featuring the innovative Quick Clamp Assembly, it significantly enhances blade and nose longevity by five times.


40 Lbs
22 x 9 x 9
Power Source
SPX Powerteam High Flow Hydraulic Pump
Tendon Dia
0.5″ (0.63″ with add on)

Key Features

Replacement Parts

#NamePart IDQuantity
01Horseshoe bearingP0040032
02Main HousingP0040131
03Side Frame CoverP0040141
04Drive GearP0040161
05Wear PlateP0040171
06Cylinder BodyP0040181
07Cylinder MountP0040191
08Piston RodP0040261
09Piston With HolesP0040271
10Piston Without HolesP0040281
11Gear RackP0040201
12Handle StraightP0040301
13Handle BentP0040311
14Rack BearingP0040151
161/4-20 x .75P00411412
17Cylinder Seal kitP0040371
18SPX Quick CouplerP0040511
19#10-32 x 1/2P0041224
201/4-20 x 5/8P0041232
215/16-18 x 1P0100764
22Dowel - 1/4 x .75P0041243
231/2-13 x 1.25 HollowP0041261
241/2-13 x 1/4 HollowP0041251
25#032 O-ringP0041271
261/4-20 x .312 SHSSP0041281

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