MiniMax ULTRA – Cable Shear

$14995 MSRP (volume discounts available)


The world’s – SAFEST – FASTEST – MOST RELIABLE  – cable shear just got better!


  • Weighing a ULTRA-light 22 lbs and a mere 4.5″ in width, the MiniMax ULTRA can fit in even tighter spaces.
  • Due to its slenderness, the ULTRA fits between anchor heads effortlessly and perfectly in tight repair situations.
  • With a 1/4″ allen wrench, you can change blades or switch to a longer nose and rotating blade used in 45-degree pockets in only 90 seconds!
  • For maintenance you only need that same  1/4″ allen wrench.


The MiniMax and MiniMax ULTRA are the only shears in the world that utilize both sides of the blades. Powered by the FLEX 24V Brushless ½” 2-Speed Drill Driver with Turbo Mode dominates drilling applications with industry-leading torque (1,400 in-lbs). The two 5.0amph batteries supplied in the custom NANUK hard case only take 22 minutes to get from 0 – 100% and get +/- 200 cuts per battery. Because it uses a drill, the MiniMax ULTRA can cut anywhere! The restriction of a generator, hoses, and hydraulic pump are gone.


There is no need for hot work permits.


4.5″ WIDE x 9.3″ TALL
Power Source
FLEX 24V Brushless ½” 2-Speed Drill
200 Cuts per Battery (2 batteries included)
Tendon Diameter
0.5 / 12.7MM

Key Features

Replacement Parts

#NamePart ID
1MiniMax ULTRA + Long NoseP010176
2MiniMax ULTRA + Short NoseP020202
3MiniMax ULTRA + Miami NoseP010174
4Quick Clamp AssemblyP010097
5MiniMax ULTRA BodyP020172
6.1C-Clamp BoltsP010169
7Long Nose AssemblyP010175
7.1Long Nose OnlyP010136
7.2Long Rotating BladeP010137
7.3Standard Fixed BladeP004002
8Short Nose AssemblyP010140
8.1Short Nose OnlyP010138
8.2Standard Rotating BladeP010139
8.3Standard Fixed BladeP004002
9SOFLO Nose AssemblyP020119
9.1SOFLO Nose OnlyP010116
9.2SOFLO Rotating BladeP010117
9.3SOFLO Fixed BladeP004078

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